The 2025 International Conference on Innovations in Computing Research (ICR’25)

London, UK, August 25-27, 2025


At least one author of an accepted paper must register by March 5, 2025. Authors can only submit their camera-ready version of the accepted paper after they register.

NOTE: If more than one author of the same paper are interested in attending, they should all register and pay the registration amount. ICR’25 will consider the presenter as the one who registered even if another author paid the registration amount.

If you register after March 5, 2025 we cannot guarantee that your paper will appear in the Proceedings. Non-authors can also register and attend the conference.

All Participants should abide by the following:

  1. Authors and Nonauthors attending the ICR’25 conference must agree to allow IICSER to include the pictures and videos taken during the conference on IICSER websites and for distributing them merely for conference promotional and informational purposes.
  2. No photos or videos are allowed at any presentation without the prior permission of the presenter. Once they are permitted by the presenter, these photos and videos can only be used for educational and personal purposes. IICSER is not liable or a party to any agreement between presenter and audience.
  3. Any confidential or proprietary material should not be photographed, video recorded, or copied even if permitted by the presenter.

The Registration Fees are as follows:

Student* (Remote/In-person presentation, or no paper) $580
Non-Student (Remote/In-person presentation, or no paper) $685
Late Registration** $750
One Additional Paper $520
Dinner - Free for Registered Authors $0
Guests for Dinner - Maximum 3. Kids under 18 years of age are not allowed to be guests. $70 per Guest

*Students must submit a letter from their institution confirming they are current students.

**There is no guarantee the paper will appear in the Proceedings

ICR'25 will allow a hybrid synchronous presentation for authors who register their papers. Authors can elect to either do a Zoom presentation or physically attend the conference and present in person. Presenters can attend any session whether online or in-person.