The 2023 International Conference on Advances in Computing Research (ACR’23)

Orlando, USA, May 8-10, 2023


Diversified and IoT Applications of Cybersecurity (DIoTAC)

Workshop Chairs
Omar Darwish (
Eastern Michigan University, USA
Yahya Tashtoush (
Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

The DIoTAC workshop focused on the main critical aspects of cybersecurity applications with emphasis on IoT. It encourages all research that integrates the utilization of data science and machine learning to solve real problems in the domain of cybersecurity in IoT and other diverse applications. Cybersecurity became the backbone infrastructure of all institutions in this global world. Protecting E-resources, data, and E-assets is very critical and significant for several Internet of Things (IoT) domains, such as Power, Energy, Automation, Public health, Mobile devices, Drones, and many other areas which directly touch our daily life activities This workshop supports papers that show novel solutions regard to the aspect of Cybersecurity in IoT and other Environments.

The DIoTAC scope includes, but is not limited to, the following topics: Malware and Firmware analysis, Resilience and Security metrics, Sensors Attacks Detection and Mitigations, Cybersecurity for Public Health Devices, Cybersecurity Management in Devices, Cybersecurity in ICloud Interfaces. Cybersecurity of Web Interface in the Products, Cybersecurity of in Education, Cybersecurity of Mobile Interface to device, Cybersecurity Infrastructure for Solutions, Cybersecurity Application for networks, Cybersecurity in Power, Solar Chimeneas, and Nucellar units, Cybersecurity for Smart Vehicles and Transportation Domains, Cybersecurity in Drones and Aviation systems, and Cybersecurity in Smart Homes and Smart cities.