The 2025 International Conference on Innovations in Computing Research (ICR’25)

London, UK, August 25-27, 2025

IICSER - Institute for Innovations in Computer Science and Engineering Research

The Institute for Innovations in Computer Science and Engineering Research’s mission, vision and goals are stated below. For further information click on IICSER Institute.


Our Vision is the continuous and lifelong commitment to global computing innovative research in academia, industry, health, and government.


Our mission is to provide innovative excellence in computing research to globally meet international computing research challenges and enhance the research capabilities of computer science and computer engineering students. To this extent, we will focus on global research and projects, and disseminate the knowledge needed to allow professionals to efficiently develop and implement high quality, innovative computing technology research experience through organizing international conferences, workshops, and panels.


To achieve our mission, we will

  1. Organize international research conferences in Australia and in other countries.
  2. Collaborate with other organizations and individuals worldwide to advance computing research.
  3. Organize international workshops on emerging computing areas.
  4. Organize panels on various computer science and engineering fields involving experts from various countries.
  5. Help organizations in their computing projects nationally and globally.